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In the Verdant Age, the world of Magna was a stable and orderly society. Powered by the naturally occurring Gel, and the technology it fostered, the people and citizens of Magna built a society where everyone’s needs were met; science and technology were at their zenith.

Then everything fell apart. Gel, the lifeblood of the world changed in a fast-moving natural disaster. As gel changed, so too then did the people of Magna. Some people mutated into horrible abominations too horrible to be left alive. Some people disappeared. However, some of the people experienced a stable mutation: an evolutionary leap that gave them biological immortality, and the ability to bend the world in near limitless fashion.

As the civilization of the Verdant Age broke down and ended, the newly evolved Sprites adapted. After the end, some left Magna to explore whatever lies beyond in the universe. But some stayed to watch over their only known home, in the hopes that the world would blossom anew.

Magna was quick to renew herself. After a thousand millenia, new and mortal intelligent life has resurfaced, and formed new civilizations. Now in the Emerald Age, can the Sprites act as benevolent watchers? Or will they become involved in the interest of helping, or helping themselves? You can find out, once you become a citizen of Magna. Come and join us!